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SimpleScripts vs. Fantastico vs. Installatron

Round 2 - The Overview

The following chart shows a breakdown of the core differences between the three script installation systems. Notice that Simple Scripts has the best option in each category except for it's lack of support for DirectAdmin. Regardless we have to give it props for being the best all around package.

Feature SimpleScripts Fantastico Installatron
Install in ANY directory Yes Main Directory Only Yes
Stable/Beta/RC Installations Yes Stable Only Stable / some beta+rc
Versioning Latest / Back-in-Time Recent Stable Only Latest / Back-in-Time
Multi-Panel cPanel / Plesk cPanel Only cPanel / Plesk / DirectAdmin
Live Statistics Yes Limited Limited
Rapid Script Upgrades Hours Weeks Hours or Days
(script dependant)
Operation Method Remote Cluster
(Nothing to Install)
Local Plugin
(Manual on Each Server)
Local Plugin
(Manual on Each Server)
Required Maintenance None Manual / Cron Manual / Cron
Licensing Options Brand License / Per Server
Monthly / Annually
Per Server Only
Annual Only
Per Server Only
Monthly / Annually / Lifetime

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Round 1 - How Simple is Simple Scripts?
Round 2 - The Overview
Round 3 - Script Support
Round 4 - The Verdict

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